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Best Paella Recipe in the World!

This recipe is adapted from THE ART OF CARIBBEAN COOKERY by Carmen Aboy Valdejuli, 1975.



The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS) Santa Clara Valley Chapter is the Management Club for SF Bay Area technology and engineering managers.


X-CaliperX-Caliper: the first portable electronic x-ray measuring device

This easy-to-use hand-held device fits into a lab coat pocket so that busy health care professionals can expedite their patient care through accurate evaluations while on the move. The X-Caliper uses a transparent high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD) caliper to perform accurate, repeatable measurements on x-rays. The X-Caliper can also be used to obtain angular information. It uses advanced micro-machined (MEMs) accelerometers to measure the force of gravity. This permits calculation of differential angles in the vertical plane.This product, developed for Eisenlohr Technologies, Inc. Davis, California in 1998 is no longer in production.

SmartAmp 2.0: Low-cost 2-channel EEG/EMG Biopotential Amplifier (schematics, bill of materials)